“The better I get to know men the more I find myself loving dogs!”
Charles De Gaulle


We asked our clients what they think about our Day Stay services and the care we provide for their furry friends – here are some of their comments:


“My beagle absolutely loves coming to Top Dogs! He charges towards the door to go in and hang out with his friends 😂 and always tired when he comes home. The team are amazing!! Really friendly and caring.”

Nicole, Ben & Bernie 

“My dog has been a regular Friday visitor here. Loves his mates. He is Always happy to go there and sad to come back home with me.”

Apoorva & Max 

“Karma our puppy just loves Top Dogs, literally cries with excitement on the way there in the morning. She comes home happy and content and tired 🐾
The Top Dog team are warm, knowledgeable and just great to deal with. I can recommend without hesitation. Thanks to the lovely ladies who are the Top Dogs team!”

Michelle & Karma 

“Bodie has been with Top Dogs since it started. He loves them more than he loves us. The ladies are all great and have been incredibly supportive over the years with our rehab needs post-surgery and the needs of our neurotic pooch (and its neurotic owners). We literally could not do without them in our lives! They are fabulous and we highly recommend them.”

Deanne, Patrick & Bodie (started bringing Bodie to Top Dogs in March 2015!)

“Lovely place, incredibly flexible and helpful, amazing girls!! Highly recommend.”

Daniela & Lara

“Have been bringing my 7 month puppy here for a few weeks now and I’m so happy we started. She loves her days here once a week and it’s really helping her development and social skills with other people and dogs. Being a very inquisitive and energetic puppy It’s a bonus for us that she’s absolutely exhausted by the time we get home. Thank you to the team for taking such good care of her. Love the daily photos on your Facebook page too!”

Sophie & Molly 

“Highly recommend Top Dogs – our pup Shaggy always comes home with the biggest grin on his face and sleeps like a baby! The staff are always so friendly and super helpful, feels like a second family for our boy. Big thanks to the team for welcoming him and treating him like one of your own!”

Allanah, Corey & Shaggy

“I want to thank you all. Bella joined our family in January this year (2019) and shortly after started daycare with you. She is quite an anxious wee thing, sadly so many things seem to frighten her including unknown dogs. Since being at daycare, she is able to greet new unknown dogs in the usual doggie way at the park. Thank you for helping her!”

Penel, Gary, Annie & Bella 

“Georgie is anxious and has separation anxiety…but she LOVES going to Top Dogs. Mainly because the staff are so awesome!”

Sarah & Georgie 

My Labrador loves going to Top Dogs… she drags me in the door at full speed in the mornings, and comes out at the same speed to greet me in the afternoon. She starts squeaking and wagging as we turn into their drive, ready for another full on day of playing with her friends & the Top Dogs team. She’s also learnt great socialisation skills with all different ages and behaviours of other dogs.”

Heidi & Dharma 

“Could rave all day every day about how amazing the people are. And how much my fur baby loves coming here to learn and just have fun with all his friends!”

Jacqueline & Jax

“Hi ladies, just wanted to say thanks for taking such great care of Poppy. She came home yesterday had her dinner, and went straight to bed, she couldn’t keep her eyes open! I checked on her couple times to see if she was ok but think she was just tired from her Day Stay fun:) I saw the facebook photos of the day and she looked like she was having the best time! Thanks again.”

Diane & Poppy