Wellbeing Services

We have an holistic approach, offering additional exercise and wellbeing services. We work with your dog and assist you and your pup learn and develop the basic building blocks of what it takes to be a great dog and owner team.



On The Lead Walk

Take the pressure off and let us walk your dog for you. Your dog will be individually walked on the lead with one of our trained handlers using our clicker training methods. As part of the cost we work on training dogs to walk calmly without tugging or pulling. Bookings taken at the Day Stay front desk or make a note on your online booking form, with a few spots available each day.

20 minute walk: $20

All our wellbeing services are carried out by our in-house team of vet nurses, ensuring your cherished member of the family is getting the best possible care and attention. Regular grooming and maintenance ensures your dogs skin, coat, teeth and eyes remain in optimum condition.


Nail Trimming Service

Long nails can cause discomfort and lead to other issues. Nail trimming is a key part of your dogs grooming maintenance ensuring his overall happiness and wellbeing. Let our vet nurse trim your dog’s nails.  Easy to pre-book at the front desk. Or, simply add it to your online booking form as a note. Our promise to you is that it will be a stress free and rewarding (with treats!) experience for your dog.
Nail trimming: $20



Excellent for all coat types. Using a special tool to rid your dog of loose undercoat without damaging topcoat.

Full service (15 minutes): $20


Pamper Wash 

Includes shampoo, condition, dry & brush. Your dog deserves the best so we use The Pampered Pooch luxury range of ethical grooming products, containing natural and functional ingredients to help keep your dog’s coat and skin in top condition. 

Prices range from: $35 – dependent on dog size


Flash enjoying his ‘Pampered Pooch’ shampoo and condition at Top Dogs


Top Dogs Products

See our Products page to see the items we stock in our boutique retail area.


Grooming services available – please see our news page to enquire.